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VFC Club

Check out the fantastic work of our VFC Club members who are frequent participants on our photography trips and courses. They share our passion for pictures and are always game for an adventure! We hope their wonderful images will give you inspiration. Enjoy!

    • Alex Keuning review for Viewfinder Center

      Alex Keuning

      Alex Keuning, originally from the Netherlands, has lived in Switzerland for six years but got started with photography in the 1990s, shooting film and taking analog photography and dark room courses in Amsterdam.

    • Angela Burrows

      Angela Burrows has called Switzerland home since 2008 but got started with photography while living in the UK. She recalls being first drawn to street photography but in her words “the outdoor world seems to be needling its way into my heart.”

    • Fabienne Garnier

      Fabienne Garnier, originally from France, has been living in Switzerland since 2009. Fabienne discovered her passion for photography in 2015 while participating in Viewfinder’s Advanced Photography Study.

    • Geoff Dawes

      Geoff Dawes was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and lived in South Africa until immigrating to Switzerland in 1984. Geoff bought his first digital SLR camera in 2007 and finds himself most drawn to landscape, nature and macro photography.

    • Jessica Wehrenberg

      Jessica Wehrenberg is an American who relocated to Switzerland for work and romance in 2011. She bought her first digital SLR camera in 2009 and has been enjoying learning about photography and creating images ever since.

    • Laurent Brunel

      Laurent Brunel, originally from France, began his photography journey two years ago with a dSLR 1-2-3 course at Viewfinder. Laurent enjoys capturing movement in his images and looks for opportunities to tell a story or capture personalities with his photographs.

    • Rod Tanzer

      Rod Tanzer was born in England but grew up on the shores of Lake Geneva. Rod has lived in cities across Switzerland, giving him the chance to explore the geography and cultural quirks in each corner of the country.

    • Steve Wright

      Steve Wright is an Englishman who has been living in Switzerland for 11 years. At the risk of dating himself, Steve claims the Kodak Brownie as his very first camera but has been happily shooting digital for the last several years.

    • Viewfinder Center manager and lead instructor Matt Anderson

      Matt Anderson

      Matt Anderson, a proud native of America’s Pacific Northwest, first became interested in photography as a high school student when a clever yearbook teacher thought to channel his restless energy into documenting life on campus with a donated 35mm camera. From that point on he was hooked!