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VFC Club

Check out the fantastic work of our VFC Club members who are frequent participants on our photography trips and courses. They share our passion for pictures and are always game for an adventure! We hope their wonderful images will give you inspiration. Enjoy!

    • photographer Barry Donovan in Norway

      Barry Donovan

      Barry Donovan, originally from Ireland, has lived in Switzerland since 1991, aside from a five year break in Vancouver, Canada. He became interested in photography as a six-year old while exploring old Irish and Scottish churches and graveyards with his Uncle, an author and photographer.
    • photographer portrait Christine Wiestner.

      Christine Wiestner

      Christine Wiestner is originally from Zimbabwe but has called Switzerland her home since 1991. She became seriously interested in photography during a holiday in Scotland in 2012 while photographing the coastal landscape. Through photography Christine has been able to satisfy her need to be creative.

    • Dagmar Anderson

      Dagmar Anderson was born and raised in Switzerland’s Rhine Valley. She began working at the Viewfinder Center with her husband Matt in 2014 and her passion for photography has been growing steadily ever since.

    • Female photographer with camera in Norway winter.

      Fabienne Garnier

      Fabienne Garnier, originally from France, has been living in Switzerland since 2009. Fabienne discovered her passion for photography in 2015 while participating in Viewfinder’s Advanced Photography Study. Since then she has traveled and photographed extensively as her portfolio shows. 

    • Liliana Holguin Viewfinder Center Club member

      Liliana Holguin

      Liliana Holguin, originally from Colombia, has lived in Switzerland since 2006. She became interested in photography during high school while shooting film and developing her own black and white photos.

    • Lizzie Davis

      Lizzie Davis moved to Zurich from Chicago in 2015 with her husband and two young boys. After the move, she pursued her lifelong passion in photography and participated in Viewfinder Center’s Advanced Photography Study in 2017-18.

    • Matt Anderson photography instructor and manager of Viewfinder Center in Zurich, Switzerland

      Matt Anderson

      Matt Anderson, a proud native of America’s Pacific Northwest, first became interested in photography as a high school student when a clever yearbook teacher thought to channel his restless energy into documenting life on campus with a donated 35mm camera. From that point on he was hooked!

    • Michael Böhlen

      Michael Böhlen

      Michael Böhlen, was born in Switzerland in 1980. He found his interest in photography while living abroad in New Zealand for a year.

    • Neal Essex

      Neal Essex

      Hailing from Birmingham UK, Neal relocated to Switzerland in 2011. After being taken aback by the abundant natural splendor of Switzerland, Neal started taking an interest in photography but it didn’t kick in fully until 2017 when he attended Viewfinders Digital Photography 1-2-3 Course.

    • Peter McCarthy

      Peter McCarthy

      Peter McCarthy grew up in the UK but has called Switzerland home since 2000. His interest in photography developed as a result of a need to document the other passion in his life: travel.

    • Paulina Mirkowska

      Paulina Mirkowska

      Paulina, originally from Poland, came to Switzerland in 2008 initially just for 3-years of studies but fell in love with the Swiss landscape and stayed ever since. Her passion for photography was inspired by her father as she took her first photos with his old analogue Zenith camera back in her teenage years.

    • Renee Erdin-Sorensen

      Renée Erdin-Sorensen

      Renée Erdin-Sorensen grew up mostly in Zurich, Switzerland. A college photography class sparked her interest photography. Since then the camera has been a steady companion on her many travels.

    • Roger Weder photography club member Viewfinder Center

      Roger Weder

      Roger Weder grew up in the Eastern part of Switzerland and is a proud Rhein Valley native. Roger’s photography journey began just a few years ago but his adventures have taken him a long way already.

    • photographer Tim Hughes

      Tim Hughes

      Tim Hugh’s passion for both photography and for Switzerland was inspired by his uncle who spent his working life in Switzerland and was a keen medium format film photographer.