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Viewfinder Center Flash Photography Course

Cara R.

Excellent. Instruction was clear and Matt allowed questions to be interjected as we went which was quite helpful.


Once you understand how to use a flash – the possibilities are endless. “Speedlights” open up a new realm of creative possibilities. They’re light-weight, relatively inexpensive and quick to set up. With a speedlight and a bit of skill, you’ll never have to fall victim to dark lighting conditions, troublesome shadows, or uninteresting light ever again. This one-day course is designed to give you the confidence to incorporate flash into your own photography toolkit. Matt will demonstrate and show examples that will help make sense out of flash photography. After learning, practicing and demystifying flash during this course, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Better Flash Course



Viewfinder Center studio, Dachslerenstrasse 10, 8702 Zollikon.


Because flash photography brings up some technical discussions, we strongly recommend that participants have a solid understanding of fundamental photography concepts, such as those covered in our popular Digital Photography 1-2-3 Course.


We recommend a dSLR or mirrorless camera for this course. Be sure to charge your camera battery and bring a memory card to the course. If you own a flash (or “speedlight”) please bring it along.


Minimum of 4 participants, Maximum of 6.


Matt Anderson


Registration closes two days before event.


We’ll start by introducing the fundamentals of flash photography, then dive into the nuances of how flash and camera systems work together to determine an exposure. We’ll explore weaknesses in this system and how to avoid technical pitfalls. By separating your camera’s available light exposure and your flash’s power output, you’ll be able to control the intersection of natural and artificial light in one well-exposed shot.

In the second half of the course, we’ll talk about using our flash off-camera, in manual mode. Participants will experiment with firing multiple flashes at once, using several different flash triggering methods. By the end of the course, students will understand how to control their exposure with flash and overcome common lighting problems in everyday photography scenarios.

Better Flash Course

Christina F.

Great course with friendly, helpful and patient teacher. Great fun and interaction in the class. Definitely recommend!

Viewfinder Center flash photography course


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Nov 25/27
19:00 - 22:00
CHF 395.-
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