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    • 4 Hallmarks of Composition in Photography

      How do I decide what to include in my shot? From which angle should I photograph my subject? What about the background? All are common questions related to photographic composition – the most crucial aspects of a successful photo. Equipping yourself with some foundational skills is interesting and fun, and will help you make extraordinary images in ordinary situations.

    • Photographing the Details of Spring

      We couldn’t have asked for better weather in our macro photography course last Thursday. Susi Venditti presented some interesting technical and compositional tips here at Viewfinder in the morning. After a quick lunch break we jumped in the van and drove over to the Sihlwald, one of Susi’s favourite photography playgrounds – just outside of Zurich.

    • Zurich marathon

      An Exercise in Foul Weather Photography – Part 1

      On Sunday I relearned why top-quality rain gear should rank high on a photographer’s list of “most important accessories.” Sunday’s weather was no surprise to anyone who was paying attention to the forecast, but the endless snow and hail was somehow hard to believe – especially after all the beautiful weather we’ve had lately.

    • Eschenbergschwinget outdoor wrestling event near Winterthur, Switzerland.

      Eschenbergschwinget Photography Day Trip

      Though the weather was less than ideal, there was no shortage of action to photograph in and around Zurich last weekend. On Saturday we visited the Eschenbergschwinget (outdoor wrestling event) for the third year in a row.

    • Advanced Study “info night” next Thursday

      It’s hard to believe that our first Advanced Study program year is already behind us. We’re now gearing up for the 2016-17 program and looking forward to a program “info night” next Thursday at Viewfinder. If you’re interested in learning more about this exciting program, drop by for a short presentation and Q&A session. We have last year’s student photos on display right now which help describe the experiences they had in last year’s program.

      If you’re interested in attending the info night, please RSVP on our Facebook Page and join us at Viewfinder next Thursday (28. April) at 19:00. Until then!

    • Studio Warming Advanced Study Group

      Opening Event & Exhibition

      Last Friday’s Opening Event and Advanced Study Exhibition turned out to be a great success. After we had a first round of clinking classes with our Advanced Study group, the rest of the visitors started droping in – and our new studio was quickly at full capacity. The framed prints brought back some great memories from last last year’s program and each of the students shared some anecdotes about the creation of their best shots. The atmosphere was fantastic and the event was a great way to kick off the next chapter at Viewfinder! Many thanks to everyone who joined us to celebrate!

    • portrait photography course

      Portrait Fundamentals Class with Elaine Yager

      Elaine and I had a great time teaching our last Portrait Photography Fundamentals course with our group of seven students here at our new location. About a month before our class Elaine and I decided to re-work the content of the class. Our new program is focused on avoiding “Elaine and Matt’s top ten beginner’s portrait mistakes.” We had a lot of fun with our students, who shot exclusively in black and white and with 50mm lenses. This really shifted the emphasis toward composition and away from the “color crutch.” Our team assignments and afternoon feedback session was also very constructive. It was our first opportunity to test out the nearby Schindlergut park which makes a great shooting location.

    • Breaking Up with Automatic Mode (Part 3: Exposure)

      Have you been wanting to break up with “automatic mode” and switch your new dSLR to manual? Not quite sure where to start? I have just started my job at Viewfinder and I am excited to improve my photography skills along the way. I have been wanting to break up with automatic mode for a while. Matt has taught me a few fundamentals that might be useful for you too. So I put together a quick assignment to get you started with controlling aperture and shutter speed, the two main settings which put creative control in your hands.

    • Hoselupf – A Peek Into Swiss Culture

      Every country has them – cultural traditions that leave us wondering. “Schwingen” is a somewhat bizarre type of traditional wrestling found each spring and summer in the rural parts of German speaking Switzerland. If you’ve yet to experience the “sumo-meets-Switzerland” spectacle, then you may want to continue reading.

    • Student Photo of the Month Competition

      Get a Space on Our Wall

      We want to see what you’re shooting out there! The next time you post a shot on Instagram, consider using the hashtag #viewfinderstudentshot. The hashtag will add your photo to our student photo of the month competition.