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    • portrait photography lessons Viewfinder Center Switzerland

      Advanced Study Update – Unit 4 Complete!

      This year’s Advanced Study group has just crossed the halfway mark in their exciting 10-month journey, having most recently worked on perfecting their portrait photography skills. January’s lessons on studio lighting and posing were lots of fun and also quite a challenge. Every photographer can relate to the performance pressure of needing to create a compelling portrait on demand. This January saw Christine, Dawna and Tim working through a variety of technical, posing and directing issues which led to each photographer really elevating their photography skills and self confidence.

    • Alter Silvester Photography Trip in Appenzell, Switzerland 2017 with Viewfinder Center.

      Another Great Alter Silvester Trip!

      Our year is off to a wonderful start with another fantastic Alter Silvester photography trip in Appenzell (northeastern Switzerland). We’ve been to this event for the last five years in a row and it just never gets old. Take a look at the costumes and you’ll understand why.

    • Add some sparkle to your land- & cityscapes

      If you’re like me, you’ve probably noticed “starbursts” in other people’s photos and wondered how they created this dazzling little element in their shot. Last week I stopped wondering and I asked Matt for advice. Turns out that it’s much easier than you’d think and, aside from a tripod, you don’t need any special gear to pull it off!

    • 2nd Year of Advanced Photography Study Off to a Great Start

      Viewfinder’s Advanced Photography Study is off to a strong start after kicking off in early September. Matt is pleased to report that the program’s three participants – Christine, Dawna and Tim are laying down a strong foundation of advanced photography skills. The group recently wrapped up with units one and two, which cover Advanced Exposure Control and Digital Developing & Printing. This year’s program benefits from a new online learning portal, assigned reading between lessons and two engaging feedback sessions toward the end of each unit. Students are also finding the course more convenient to attend at Viewfinder’s new location in downtown Zurich. All in all – it’s shaping up to be a very creative and rewarding year in the program.

    • 5 Tips for Black and White Conversion in Lightroom

      My last blog post about black and white photography explored some of the creative decisions behind recognizing a subject or scene that works well in “monochrome.” Continuing from there, the subject of how to best convert your RAW color images into black and white is a study unto itself, but the main underlying concept is not complicated. Adobe Lightroom provides a number of fantastic tools to help photographers manipulate their photo’s color information, bringing out the contrast in a converted black and white image. If you’re wondering how to get better monochrome conversions with Lightroom CC, then read on…