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    • Teufelsbrucke in Andermatt

      Teufelsbruecke photography trip

      Saturday’s photography trip to the Teufelsbruecke (Devil’s Bridge) did not dissapoint! We had a great group of photographers and spectacular weather for our photo walk between Andermatt and Goeschenen. The impressive Schöllenen Gorge gave us plenty of subject matter for experimenting with HDR (high-dynamic-range) photography. Further down towards Goeschenen we got creative with long exposure shots of the Reuss river flowing around huge granite boulders. I preferred a black and white treatment on my own photos which I think fits well with the bridge’s stark architecture and it’s rugged granitic surroundings.

    • Viewfinder Center Alpabfahrt photography trip

      Alpabfahrt – The Celebration of an Accident-Free Alpine Summer

      During summer, cow herds feed on alpine pastures high up in the Swiss mountains. After a successful season in the alps and as soon as it is starting to get cold in autumn, the herders and their cattle descend back to the valleys, celebrating their (hopefully) accident-free summer.

    • Tips for Photographing Fireworks

      It’s that time of year in Switzerland when we start making 1st of August BBQ plans and hoping for good weather. For keen photographers it’s also a chance to start thinking about about fireworks photography. Read on if you are planning to shoot a fireworks show and want some useful tips to increase your success.

    • Is it time to learn flash?

      Mention the word “flash” in a photography conversation and many photographers will cringe or try to change the topic. “I don’t like the look of flash” is Greek for: “I don’t know how my flash works.” While many believe that flash is only used indoors or when it’s dark, you would be surprised by how it can improve your daytime shots and introduce special creative effects as well.

      In this post, I described some typical situations where a camera-mounted flash comes in very handy.

    • Gear Swap

      Gear swap – buy or sell used photography gear

      Do you have photography equipment that you don’t use and wish to sell? Are you looking for some good second hand deals on equipment? Then join us for the Gear Swap on the 15th of September!