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    • Female hiker on High Divide Trail Olympic National Park, Washington (USA).

      Pacific Northwest Love – Part 2

      On the second half of our US trip we had to scratch our “wilderness itch” and the Pacific Northwest was the perfect place for it. We were seeking that “Robinson Crusoe feeling,” but instead of a lonely island in the Pacific we felt the call of the mountains. Camping at Crater Lake National Park was a nice warm up, but there were still too many people around and we were longing for a more remote, multi-day backpacking and photography experience.

    • Rain forest Olympic Nationalpark

      Pacific Northwest Love – Part 1

      Over the summer break Matt and I decided to visit the USA and spend some quality time in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. A road trip seemed the perfect way to combine family visits (Matt is from Seattle), and also explore some wilderness while camping, hiking and (of course) taking pictures.

    • Viewfinder Center's Advanced Photography Study gallery event at Hallenstadion Zurich

      Advanced Photography Study – Gallery Event

      We had a terrific celebration of this year’s Advanced Photography Study at the Hallenstadion in Zurich last week! Each of our nine students came so far with their photography goals, and they were very excited to share their “war stories” and display their prints. They were even more proud to show off their stunning custom photography portfolios, which made quite an impression on visitors to the event.

    • Portrait shoot Winterthur Switzerland

      Motorcycles, Ice Axes and Location Portraits

      If our blog seems quiet it’s because our Advanced Study group has been keeping us quite busy lately! We’ve had some really interesting practice shoots and sadly I’m way behind on blogging about those fun experiences.

    • flash photography toucan in Costa Rica

      Flash for Wildlife Photography?

      Most people don’t think of flash as something to use in wildlife photography situations. In fact, many photographers loathe the idea of using flash altogether. However, on our recent trip to Costa Rica, we found ourselves using the flash almost every day and we got some pretty good results with it. Especially in strongly backlight conditions – flash can really make the difference.