Study Photography Zurich

Become a more confident and creative photographer! Study photography in Zurich with Viewfinder Center's Advanced Photography Study.


Sept 8th, 2020


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Sept 2020 - June 2021


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VFC & Switzerland




Maximum 9 participants


Download the program brochure below and learn about our exciting in-depth program!


  • Intermediate shooters wanting to become confident, advanced photographers.
  • Enthusiastic shooters, who are ready to be challenged by their instructors and peers.
  • Self-learners who have reached a plateau and seek dynamic group learning experiences.
  • Amateur photographers wanting to learn about the industry and how to sell their photos.
  • Creative people who know they could take their photography further with a little help.



  • Exclusive locations, professional models, landscape field-trips & much more!
  • Dynamic student group, engaging activities & assignments.
  • Thoughtful review sessions & personal feedback.
  • Hands-on learning and (most importantly)...


  • Develop your understanding of the six creative exposure choices.
  • Learn to take perfectly exposed, sharp photographs – even in low light.
  • Know your flash and how to use it without getting "that flashed look."
  • Understand the specifics of resolution, color space settings, and different file types (JPGs, RAW, TIFF, etc.) and their impact on printing and online display of your photos.


  • Understand the "look" that each of your lenses produces and the influence it has on composition.
  • Learn the "Language of Lines" and the different moods they introduce to your images.
  • Understand how the "4 Hallmarks of Composition" can help strengthen your shots.
  • Shooting in black & white: when, why and how to adjust for optimal contrast.


  • Save time and reduce headaches by adopting our six-step Lightroom workflow.
  • Learn essential adjustments that bring out the best color, clarity & sharpness in your shots. 
  • Understand the print-proofing process as you prepare your images for printing.
  • Import–, Export– and Develop module presets that make Lightroom a fun and efficient editing tool!


  • Understanding the "Laws of Light" and how to apply them on your own portrait shoots.
  • Avoiding that "flashed look" by taking your flash off camera, diffusing it & firing it wirelessly.
  • How to achieve beautiful portrait light with minimal, inexpensive equipment.  
  • Learn several go-to methods for posing and communicating with your portrait subjects.


  • Three-day excursion to a special landscape location in Switzerland.
  • Creative and technical coaching on the use of specialised landscape filters. 
  • Astrophotography, sunrises & sunsets, blue-hour photography & macro shooting.
  • Advanced Lightroom editing: HDR photography, panoramas composites & more. 


  • Learn from experienced professional photographers who are expert teachers.
  • Specialized instructors for portrait-, editorial-, macro- and sports photography.
  • Access their knowledge in class & online via our private learning portal.
  • Visits from working professionals who share their knowledge of the photography industry.


  • In-the-field guidance from knowledgabe instructors during our repeated practice shoots.
  • Feedback sessions with peer input and plenty of opportunities for questions.
  • Written evaluations from you instructor on all assignment images for the course.
  • Personalised catch-up sessions in case you miss a class session.


  • Customised portfolio book with true photographic prints and your name on cover!
  • All course assignments are printed for your own portfolio monthly.
  • Learn how to present your work to others in a professional and confident manner.


  • Experience the planning and preparation for a group photography exhibition.
  • Large format printing, mounting and hanging in the presentation space.
  • Student exhibition, attended by 100+ guests
  • The perfect conclusion to our creative journey!


  • Present your best images online with your own photography website.
  • Get help of a professional website designer in layout, styling, etc. 
  • Create your portfolio galleries, biography, contact page & more.


  • Short creative exercises in-between course sessions for additional practice.
  • Online access to all course material, assignments, group chats, grading & more.
  • Short reading assignments to help deepen your understanding of key concepts.
  • Five free Viewfinder Center "Day-Trips" for additional shooting practice as you wish.


Classes on Tuesday Evenings in Zurich

Dynamic Group Learning

Unique Practice Shoot Experiences

Custom Portfolio & Gallery Event

Fully Equipped Studio & Models

Diploma Certificate for Graduates


Content & Prerequisites

Unit Overview

  • Unit 1: Advanced Exposure Control
  • Unit 2: Digital Developing & Printing
  • Unit 3: Creative Composition
  • Unit 4: Studio Lighting & Portraiture
  • Unit 5: Action Sports
  • Unit 6: The Picture Story
  • Unit 7: Photographing the Landscape
  • Unit 8: Student Exhibition & Portfolio Event, Students Publish Websites


Program Instructors

Lead Instructor

Matt Anderson 

Matt is the principle instructor of the Advanced Study program. As a young photographer he worked for three daily newspapers in the USA, acquiring a broad base of skills and experience, covering multiple assignments per day — always under deadline pressure. These days he shoots for the Zurich-based Keystone agency and with other clients in the Zurich area. Matt’s work has been recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists (USA), the National Press Photographers Association (USA), and the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers. For Matt the Advanced Study program is a unique and fulfilling opportunity to work with highly motivated students. A portfolio of Matt's diverse cultural and travel images can be found at:

Portraiture & Lighting

Erwin Windmüller 

Erwin’s photography career has taken him around the globe and introduced him to many of the world’s best and brightest. After cutting his teeth as an agency photographer in Zurich, he moved on to photograph for the biggest brands in fashion, living in Paris and New York for more than 20 years before returning to his home country of Switzerland. In addition to photographing for Vogue, Elle, GQ, L’Oreal, and Yves Saint Laurent, Erwin frequently shoots for Swiss Universe (1st and business class magazine for Swiss airlines). A powerhouse of energy and creativity, Erwin is as approachable and thoughtful as he is enthusiastic for the craft of photography. A portfolio of Erwin's dynamic portrait and fashion photography can be found at:

Macro & Landscape

Susanne Venditti 

Susi picked up her first camera 30 years ago and has never looked back. The switch to digital photography allowed her to push her creativity further and intensified her desire to produce more images. Susanne grew up in Kanton Valais, here in Switzerland – which helps explain her fascination with beautiful landscapes. Macro photography is one of Susanne’s biggest passions and she takes pleasure photographing the details that others miss. Susanne’s enthusiasm for nature is infectious and fun. Her landscape and macro expertise come in particularly handy on workshops and macro photography courses where she helps students find compositions where others wouldn’t look. A portfolio of Susanne's impressive macro and nature photography can be found at:

Website Building Coach

Mike Bissig 

Mike Bissig feels at home while photographing in the Swiss Alps. Although he lives near Zurich, he spends much of his free time in the alpine region of Uri, base-camping at his family's farm house in Urnerboden. As a Swiss adventure and lifestyle photographer he concentrates mainly on shooting for the outdoor industry. His photographs of outdoor athletes get used by companies like Mammut, the Swiss Alpine Club and various tourism agencies. Mike is able to draw on his extensive mountaineering and athletic experience for his outdoor projects at home and abroad and helps Viewfinder students learn how to get great shots in spite of stormy weather.

Student Testimonials

I wasn't looking for a day course or for a weekend workshop but rather something longer and more intensive. The program was intensive but really a lot of fun. The course content is ideal for someone who wants to take their photography to the next level. If your quality expectations are high — this is the right program for you.
Peter M.
My personal goal was to become fast and fluent at using my camera. Not only did the course meet my expectations, it even exceeded my hopes. The Viewfinder Center staff take full advantage of all that Switzerland has to offer in a wide variety of settings: beautiful landscapes, unique people and events, and even wildlife opportunities. They also provide a welcoming atmosphere. It was a great year of hands-on learning in the field and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who seeks the same experience.
Jessica W.
In addition to strengthening my fundamentals, the program allowed me to learn new concepts and strategies to produce stronger, more creative pictures. Thanks to the numerous trips into the field I became more confident. By the end of the program I was comfortable shooting all kinds of photos. Last but not least, the program brought together a fun group of enthusiastic photographers! No doubt that the Advanced Study program made my year. I will continue to benefit from it in the coming years! Thank you Matt!
Fabienne G.
I'm very happy with VFC. I have taken both day trips and the year-long advanced photography study.
Roberto L.
Best experience ever! If you're on the fence, take the plunge!! Didn't want the course to end. Nothing but amazing things to say about the program.
Leah C.