Professional Photo Studio Rental in Zurich!


  • Professionally equipped, dedicated photography studio in commercial use building.
  • Day-light shooting or full selection of studio gear (see below).
  • Room dimensions: 11 meters (L) x 8 meters (W) x 3.5 meters (H).
  • Close to downtown Zurich, easy access by car or public transport.
  • On-site garage parking (two spaces) with freight elevator access.
  • Fully-equipped with high-end Profoto & Elinchrom lighting gear.
  • Accessories galore: apple boxes, beauty dishes, v-flats, wind machine & much more...


  • Coffee break area & private toilet.
  • In-studio sink & small refrigerator.
  • Changing area for models with large mirror.
  • Meeting table, chairs for six people or more.


  • Viewfinder Center (Photo Studio), Dachslerenstrasse 10, 8702 Zollikon.

Photo Studio Rental Costs

Our photo studio in Zollikon can be rented on a half- or full-day basis. See rates below:

Price: Fr. 500.- (full day incl. basic lighting gear)
Price: Fr. 300.- (half day incl. basic lighting gear)
Hourly rates are not offered.

*Add Advanced Lighting Gear for Fr. 30.- (half-day) or Fr. 50.- (full-day)


  • Rent includes the following for no extra cost...
  • 2X 500 w/s Einchrom Style RX heads
  • Standard Elinchrom reflectors & grids
  • Two white translucent umbrellas
  • Large & small styrofoam v-flats (black/white sided)
  • Standard lighting stands
  • Foldable reflector & reflector holder
  • 3X wooden apple boxes
  • 4X Sandbags (1 large, 2 medium, 1 small)


  • Everything in "Basic Gear" plus...
  • Profoto Acute 2R 1200 w/s pack & 2X heads
  • Profoto B1 Kit, two heads & extra batteries
  • Profoto Beauty Dish & 45° Grid
  • Profoto 5 foot Parabolic Reflector
  • Profoto Large Deep White Umbrella
  • Profoto Medium Shallow White Umbrella
  • Phottix Hexa-Para 150cm Octabox w/grid
  • Phottix Hexa-Para 120cm Octabox w/grid
  • 2X Phottix Solas Strip Box 40x180 cm w/grids
  • Aputure 300d Continuous LED lighting
  • Aputure 120d Continuous LED lighting
  • 50x80cm Softbox for Continous LED lighting
  • Fresnel Spot for Continous LED lighting
  • 2X standard reflectors for Continous LED lighting
  • Heavy duty C-stand, extension arm & boom arm
  • Heavy duty Foba studio tripod
  • Heavy duty Foba wind machine
  • Foba system for mounting backgrounds, scrims, gobos, etc.