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Student Photography Exhibition — Advanced Study

Posing for a group photo before their student exhibition at Zurich's Hallenstadion. The group had been studying together since last September while participating in the Advanced Photography Study at Viewfinder.

Arriving to the Hallenstadion just before an incredible rain storm, our students posed for a quick group portrait and then watched a fun behind-the-scenes video, reliving some highlights from the past 10 months together. It was time to toast their creative accomplishments with a glass of prosecco before welcoming our first guests to the big event!

Leah shows off one of her portfolio highlights to a group of event visitors, which included the subject of the photograph!

Kati having a few laughs with some of her friends who she invited to the event.

Matt Anderson (left) Justin Hession (middle) and Dagmar Anderson enjoying a glass of wine and a few laughs.

Anne displays her portfolio work to visitors at the event.

Throughout the evening it was a relaxing atmosphere were guests enjoyed a glass of wine or taste some nibbles while listening to students presenting their portfolios or tell the back story of their large gallery prints.

Roberto describes the process that led up to his fantastic portrait of guitarist Ercan Uncan of "The Birthday Girls" during our Unit 4 portrait practice shoot.

Barry entertains the crowd with "making-of" stories and his portfolio prints.

We can hardly believe the 2018-19 Advanced Study program is wrapped up! We had a fantastic year with our dedicated students and the gallery event was just the icing on the cake. A big thank you to Anne, Barry, Giovanna, Kati, Leah and Roberto! It was great working with you all and getting to know each of you better this year. Last but not least — a big thanks to everyone who came out to show their support!