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Motorcycles, ice axes and portraits

If our blog seems quiet it’s because our Advanced Study group has been keeping us quite busy lately! We’ve had some really interesting practice shoots and sadly I’m way behind on blogging about those fun experiences. We recently rented an old fabrication hall on the edge of town and pulled together some interesting props for a styled portrait shoot with two models from Time Model Agency in Zurich. Our students were practicing the new skills and theory that they learned in the fourth Unit of our Advanced Study program. The creative juices were flowing and we had a great time together.

Lizzie's outstanding shot of Marvin, styled in mountaineering clothes.

Erwin Windmüller was also with us for the shoot, contributing his many decades of portrait knowledge to guide our students toward more expressive and well-lit portrait shots as they worked with our two models. Needless to say, we had an awesome day and our students got some terrific results.

Peter is assisted by Erwin as he photographs Marvin at our practice shoot in Winterthur.

Erwin discusses a few points about movement, lighting and bringing the subject's personal look into the portrait.

Cintya worked with Marvin on bringing some movement into her portrait. For this shot she worked with available light and a variety of gestures.

Liliana took a very moody shot of Jonas on the Ducati Motorcycle. Thanks again to Parik for lending us his bike and gear for the shoot!

Following our practice shoot and review session back at the studio, it was time for our nine students to head out and create their own portfolio images. We were blown away with the results and we can’t wait for the next round of portfolio printing in April!

Cintya's stunning fashion portrait, taken while visiting family in Peru.

Peter's impressive surreal portrait of his son, a competitive swimmer.

Liliana's lovely black and white portrait of her niece – photographed with flash.