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Model Shooting with Advanced Photography Study

Dijana's outstanding shot of Jason, with a dark, low-key background.

During the month of January we have been meeting at Viewfinder's photo studio in Zurich. To kick off the unit, students got familiar with key factors which control flash exposure: distance, flash power, aperture and ISO settings. They then saw how the three laws of light are so important when considering the basic questions of (firstly) where to position your light relative to the subject and (secondly) how much is enough light. Students practiced go-to lighting positions such as the Rembrandt position, broad light, short light and butterfly light positions and then they applied different amounts of fill-light to control their shadow contrast. Their fear of flash was quickly fading away as they started to gain confidence with their lighting.

We started the shoot with Jason in the morning. Working with a soft Rembrandt light, students got a feeling for positioning the light relative to their subject's face.

Erwin got the group warmed up by reminding the students where and how to position the light for the classic Rembrandt effect.

Alex's outstading shot of Selin, who modeled for us in the afternoon.

Then it was time for our students to put their new knowledge to the test! They shot with two fabulous models from Fotogen modeling agency in Zurich. Jason joined for the first half of the day, giving our students countless interesting poses on both a high-key and a low-key background. In the afternoon Selin modeled for the group. Her energy and expressiveness were also very impressive. The ideas kept coming and the shutters kept clicking!

Sian's impressive shot of Selin captured a very natural smile and natural pose.

Anastasia captured another expressive moment as Selin worked through a number of poses. 

Following the shoot, the group enjoyed a nice debrief and picture review back at the Viewfinder classroom. There was a sense of surprise as students realised what they were capable of after practicing and understanding some basic principles of lighting and subject direction. The unit 4 assignment will be a challenge for sure, but I have the feeling that it's a challenge which the group is excited for. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they produce!