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Erwin Windmüller

Over the next few months, we'll be profiling our photography instructors and it's our pleasure to start with Erwin Windmüller. For those who haven't met him already, Erwin has been working with us since 2017 and brings his deep knowledge of portraiture and fashion photography into the fold at Viewfinder. Erwin's photographic career has taken him around the globe and he's photographed many of the world's best and brightest over the course of his nearly 50 year career as a professional photographer.

After cutting his teeth as an agency photographer in Zurich, he moved on to photograph for the biggest brands in fashion, living in Paris and New York for more than 20 years before returning to his home country of Switzerland. In addition to photographing for Vogue, Elle, GQ, L’Oreal, and Yves Saint Laurent, Erwin is a principle photographer for Swiss Universe (1st and business class magazine for Swiss airlines). A powerhouse of energy and creativity, Erwin is as approachable and thoughtful as he is enthusiastic for the craft of photography.

In 2019 Erwin and Matt worked on a new series of portraiture classes, held at Viewfinder's fully-equipped photo studio in Zollikon. If you'd like to learn more about portrait photography and lighting technicque (from the consumate pro), then don't miss our Studio Portraiture 1 class .