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2017-18 Advanced Photography Study – Gallery Event

We had a terrific celebration of this year’s Advanced Photography Study at the Hallenstadion in Zurich last week! Each of our nine students came so far with their photography goals, and they were very excited to share their “war stories” and display their prints. They were even more proud to show off their stunning custom photography portfolios, which made quite an impression on visitors to the event.

Here’s a few behind-the-scenes impressions from throughout the year.

Matt and Dagmar Anderson with the Advanced Photography Study 2017-18 students at Hallenstadion where they celebrated with an end-of-program gallery and portfolio event.

After watching the behind-the-scenes video with our students we toasted with a glass of prosecco and then it was time to welcome our guests!

Mike shows his portfolio to guests at the Hallenstadion.

Paulina gets into the back story of her portfolio prints.

Liliana presents an inspiring story to an event guest.

The audience listens to Lizzie explain the making of her two favorite images from the program.

Hugh shows his portfolio to Tim who graduated from the previous year's program.

Renée walks visitors through her print portfolio.

Peter shares shooting stories with guests.

Throughout the evening it was a relaxing atmosphere were guests enjoyed a glass of wine or taste some nibbles while listening to students presenting their portfolios or tell the back story of their large gallery prints.

Cintya entertained guests with some great stories about her assignments and experiences in the course.

Tabitha shows guests her portfolio and recounts some fun stories about her projects.

Mike in front of his eye-catching "one-eyed portrait" of his wife.

Guests getting inspired by Renée (left) and Lizzie (bottom left).

So many great images and fantastic stories to share this evening!

Thanks to everybody who came by for a visit and shared this wonderful experience with us!

We can hardly believe the 2017-18 Advanced Study program is wrapped up! We had a fantastic year with our nine dedicated students and the gallery event was just the icing on the cake. A big thank you to Cintya, Liliana, Lizzie, Paulina, Renée, Tabitha, Hugh, Mike and Peter. It was great working with you all and getting to know each of you. Also a big thanks to everyone who came out to show their support!