Ready to put your skills into practice? Grab your camera and jump in the van for an exciting day of shooting!

09.11.2019, Viewfinder Center - CHF 215.00

Creative Junkyard Visit

The best subjects can often be found in unusual places. There's no better place to spark your creativity than this amazing Junkyard!

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13.01.2020, Zurich HB pick up - CHF 235.00

Alter Silvester in Appenzell

The rural communities of Appenzell celebrate new years day very differently. This tradition dates back to a 16th century argument — with the Pope!

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14.03.2020, Zürich HB pick up - CHF 205.00

Urban Wildlife Safari

If you thought Switzerland lacked any wildlife - you guessed wrong! Creatures big and small can be seen and enjoyed just outside of Zurich city. Test your wildlife photography skills and gain some tips and feedback.

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09.05.2020, Sihlwald train station - CHF 210.00

Spring Time Photography

The lush green tapestry of Zurich's nearby Sihlwald will serve as our springtime laboratory during this one-day photography course.

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23.05.2020, Zurich HB pick up - CHF 235.00

Long Exposure Day-Trip

If you've been curious about achieving mysterious movement effects in your shots then don't miss this unique trip on long exposure photography.

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06.06.2020, Zurich HB pick up - CHF 220.00

Nature Photography Exploration

Just over the hill from Lake Zurich lies an interesting playground for photography subjects. It's forest, marshes and gardens offer endless subject matter for honing your nature photography skills.

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