Photoshop Course for Beginners

Get started with Adobe Photoshop and tap into a world of possibilities! This four-part course orients you to the software & several essential workflows.


Viewfinder Center


4 x 3 hours

Group Size

3 - 6 people

Skill level


There are no courses planned at the moment but please get in touch with us to check.


  • Get oriented to the Photoshop user interface.
  • Learn to use the most essential editing tools. 
  • Understand the concept of working in layers.
  • How to work with layer masks & cut subjects out of backgrounds.
  • Lighting effects & non-destructive dodging and burning.
  • Portrait retouching: skin smoothing skin & eliminating fly-away hair.


Our Intro to Photoshop Course is open to anyone! No previous Photoshop experience required!



  • Laptop which meets Adobe's minimum recommended requirements. Please visit: (
  • The latest version of Adobe Photoshop CC, pre-installed and ready to use.
  • Mouse and mouse pad are strongly recommended.
  • Software language: English or German is recommended.
  • No photos needed, the instructor supplies all practice images.



Viewfinder Center, Stampfenbachstr. 157, 8006 Zürich




Michael Hutchings is a Web and Grafic designer with over 10 years experience. He studied Weg Design and Development at the SAE Institute where he later went on to get a Bachelor of Arts in Web Design and Development. Michael has been teching graphic design for the past 2 years and specializes in Photo-Manipulation using Adobe Photoshop. He loves creating effects that make pictures take on a life of their own, with greater emotional impact.

Student Testimonials

The Intro to Photoshop class offered us a comprehensive initiation to the photo editing world of Photoshop. Michael did a fantastic job in sharing his vast experience, helping us understand all the shortcuts, tricks and work-flow process to achieve stunning effects such as double exposure and skin and hair retouching.
Matteo S.
I've always struggled to use photoshop, it's clearly a powerful tool but all too often a deeply frustrating one. This course really helped me understand how the software works, how to use and manipulate multiple layers and, ultimately, how to create the images I want.
Neal E.
Michael has a fresh and enthusiastic, yet structured teaching style that even transforms Monday evenings into a highlight. Many "aha" and fun moments helped to dig into this powerful program. Hopefully to be continued... Thumbs up for Michael and this PS course!
Mirjam L.
I recommend this intro course to PS to everyone who thus far had no experience, tried a few things on their own and got frustrated to find any of the common commands. The course is structured and well paced. Each module builds on the previous one and strengthens the learning effect. The instructor was at all times well prepared and took the time to attend to individual requests when needed. Thanks to Viewfinder and Michael, the instructor.
Pauline M.

Course Information

Over the course of four three-hour evening, you'll get oriented to the most essential tools and principles of Adobe Photoshop, unlocking a wide range of image editing possibilities. From surreal double exposures to skin and hair retouching, this course will give you solid understanding of the key concepts and some essential know-how so that you can start leveraging Adobe Photoshop in your own photography workflow. The course language is English but the instructor speaks German and has German hand-outs available.


Included in the price


  • Small group learning with personal support from instructor.
  • Videos to help you practice each workflow at home.
  • Handouts documenting relevant tips and ideas.
  • Coffee/tea and water provided.

Not included in the price

  • Dinner is not provided. We ask participants to have dinner before arriving at the course.