Nature Photography Zurich - Sihlwald

The lush green tapestry of Zurich's nearby Sihlwald will serve as our springtime laboratory during this one-day photography course.


Sihlwald train station


5 hours

Group Size

4 - 9 people

Skill level


There are no courses planned at the moment but please get in touch with us to check.


  • Learn how to create impactful photos of small subjects.
  • Get inspiring ideas from an expert macro photography instructor.
  • Learn special focusing techniques for close up subjects.
  • Experiment with simple lighting tricks to give photos clarity & depth.
  • Understand which settings make the most sense for close up photography.
  • Get creative and discover the amazing world of macro photography!


Open to all skill levels. Foundational photography skills, such as those covered in our popular 1-2-3 Digital Photography Course  are recommended.



We recommend a dSLR or a mirrorless type camera, but the most important factor is that your lens is capable of true "close-up" focusing. Some of our favourite lenses are the 100mm macro (from Canon) or the 105mm macro (from Nikon) but any macro lens will do. Consider renting a lens for day (before buying any new equipment). Your instructor can answer questions about the benefits of one lens over the other. A tripod and/or a bean bag can be especially handy for stabilizing the camera. A sit pad can be useful for making yourself comfortable as you work on the forest floor.


Rendezvous location is the Sihlwald train station at 10:00. 



Susanne Venditti kaufte ihre erste Kamera vor über 30 Jahren und hat es nie bereut. Durch den Wechsel zur digitalen Fotografie konnte sie ihre Kreativität weiter vorantreiben und ihren Wunsch nach mehr Bildern verstärken. Susanne ist im Kanton Wallis, hier in der Schweiz, aufgewachsen - was ihre Faszination für Naturthemen erklärt.

Die grosse Leidenschaft von Susanne ist die Makrofotografie wo sie immer wieder Sujets und Details entdeckt, die anderen verborgen bleiben. Ihre Begeisterung für die Natur ist ansteckend und unterhaltsam. So hilft sie Schülern im Fotokurs Makrofotografie unglaubliche Bildkompositionen an Orten zu finden, wo Andere nicht einmal hinschauen würden.

Student Testimonials

On a rainy weekend last October, Susi shared some of her secrets about macro photography and how she makes such magical pictures. She opened my eyes to a miniature world, that I had never even really seen or noticed before. In a few hours, Suzy added a whole new side to my photography.
Rod T.
Susi's workshop opens up a whole new world to a photographer. One you absolutely didn't know was there!
Alek K.
Susi's creativity and passion are contagious. With her instruction, my macro photography skills have been taken to the next level.
Jessica W.

Day-Trip Information

For many photographers, the world of macro photography is uncharted terrain. Surprising subjects and interesting compositions are often waiting to be found – right under your tripod! With a bit of theory, insight and technical preparation, you'll be amazed at your ability to capture unique close up photographs of flowers, mushrooms, insects, abstract textures and much more.

Included in the price

  • Small group learning.
  • Personal support from instructor.
  • Handouts documenting the relevant camera settings, creative tips and ideas.

Not included in the price

  • Lunch is not provided. Please bring your own lunch with you. You may consider bringing a thermos of hot tea with you if the forecast calls for cooler temperatures.