Light Painting Photography

Give your creativity a kick and take part in Viewfinder Center's Light Painting workshop in Zurich - Winterthur.




19:00 - 22:00


3 hours




CHF 225.00





Group Size

4 - 12

Registration end: Feb. 26, 2020


  • Learn how to work in "bulb" mode for extra long exposures.
  • Discover and work with a variety of creative light painting methods & materials.
  • Practice working with a cable-release & tripod.
  • Learn special camera settings to improve sharpness in long exposures.
  • Shake off winter's gray with an exciting splash of colorful light!
  • Have some fun "performing" interesting light painting moves!


Participants with an intermediate or advanced skill level will find this class interesting. Foundational photography skills, such as those covered in our popular 1-2-3 Digital Photography Course are recommended.


We recommend any "system camera" which has a changeable lens (such as those from Olympus, Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Nikon or Canon). We are “brand-agnostic” at Viewfinder, so any camera brand is just fine. Wide angle and medium lenses (zoom or fixed focal length) tend to work best for light painting. Please be sure to charge your camera's battery and consider bringing along an extra (if you have one). You will need a tripod for this course and don't forget a memory card!
*NOTE: If you do not own a tripod, we are happy to loan you one for the course.


Halle 710, (Eulachpark) 8404 Winterthur.



Matt Anderson is Viewfinder's lead photography instructor and is responsible for course development and for teaching a number of Viewfinder’s photography courses and workshops. Matt’s photography career began in the USA where he worked at three different daily newspapers and freelanced regularly for the Associated Press in Seattle — where he grew up. These days he regularly shoots for the Zurich-based Keystone agency and works with corporate and private clients in the Zurich area. Matt’s three passions are: exploring new places (near and far), creating impactful photographs, and helping other photographers become more creative and effective in their craft. Matt feels privileged to work in a business that combines his passions and brings him in contact with so many interesting people from all over the world.

Student Testimonials

Instruction was direct, open and personal. My expectations were surpassed! Very much appreciated. 
I'll be back for more!
Byron B.
Having participated in many events and workshops, I repeatedly enjoy Viewfinder's highly professional, friendly approach which is continuously demonstrated during each activity. Viewfinder's great team have turned every event into a memorable experience and without reservation I highly recommend them. I'm looking forward to participate in many more trips and activities with Viewfinder...
John H.
I have completed many courses with Viewfinder Center, and my expectations have constantly been exceeded. I have really enjoyed every single course, always learning much more than I was expecting. Matt is really an excellent and engaging teacher, with a very pragmatic approach - explaining the theory in a very pragmatic way combined with a lot of exercises. Always time for questions and individual support for all participants. Dagmar and Matt are also great at creating a very welcoming and open atmosphere - the time always flies by! Learning a lot and really enjoying it! I definitely recommend Viewfinder Center, e.g. starting with the Digital photography 1-2-3 course. This was the first course I took and exactly what I was looking for to move from using automatic to manual.
Aricia D.

Course Information

Our light painting workshop is all about getting creative and having fun with other members of the group. We'll start with a short strategy talk, familiarizing participants with key information about exposure settings, plus a few key tricks and tips. Then it's time to start shooting! Students will be "performing" their light painting moves for their own camera (and also for others). It's a very fun, very hands-on and very colorful evening which is bound to produce very interesting results!

Included in the price

  • Small group learning & personal support from the instructor.
  • Privately arranged special location.
  • Creative materials to help assist with light painting.

Not included in the price

  • Dinner is not provided. We ask participants to have dinner before arriving at the course. There's a pizza restaurant just around the corner if you'd like to grab a bite before the workshop starts.