Abstract Photography

Shake off the grey with a creative dash of colourful still life photography.


Zollikon Studio


3 hours

Group Size

4 - 9 people

Skill level


There are no courses planned at the moment but please get in touch with us to check.


  • Tips on using simple household materials to make colourful, expressive images.
  • Technical assistance with close up (macro) photography equipment and tips on simple lighting solutions.
  • Small group to provide adequate assistance to each participant.


The Abstract Photography Workshop is open to anyone. Beginner and advanced photographers will find this interesting!


You will need to bring your own camera and macro lens to this course. We recommend dSLR or mirrorless type cameras, but the most important factor is that your lens is capable of true "close-up" focusing. A 100mm macro lens would be perfect. That said, any macro lens will do and you may want to take this course before buying any new equipment.


Viewfinder Center (Photo Studio), Dachslerenstrasse 10, 8702 Zollikon.



Matt Anderson is the principle instructor and director at the Viewfinder Center. Matt has been living in Switzerland since 2008. His photography career began sixteen years ago while studying journalism in the United States. As a daily newspaper photographer he acquired a broad base of photography skills and found himself shooting all manner of subjects from sports and news events to portraits and feature assignments. Working as a regular freelancer for the Associated Press, he learned some important lessons about shooting under pressure. These days he balances a busy teaching schedule with photography projects for commercial clients in the Zurich area. Matt’s work has been recognized by the Society of Professional Journalists, the National Press Photographers Association (USA), and the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers. 

Workshop Information

In this workshop we focus on getting creative with simple household materials but the results are anything but normal! Learn how you can achieve amazingly colorful effects with inexpensive closeup equipment and a simple setup. With a little know-how and a dash of inspiration, you'll be creating pictures in this evening workshop that you never thought possible!

Included in the price

  • Group instruction on the strategies and inspiration for these creative effects.
  • Personal support from instructor to help you figure out macro photography settings and lighting.
  • Coffee/tea and water provided.

Not included in the price

  • Dinner is not provided. We ask participants to have dinner before arriving at the course.