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Viewfinder Center creates fun, inspirational learning experiences and provides photography courses, photography day-trips in Zurich & Switzerland and guided photography tours with the right mix of creativity, theory and hands-on practice.


Corona virus update: NEW, all classroom-based photography courses are being held in webinar-format (until further notice). Please register through our site as usual. Webinar links and further details provided via confirmation email. Thanks for your understanding and stay healthy! If you have any questions, please contact us (044 548 07 07).

Advanced Photography Study Program

For those looking to study photography, now in it’s sixth year, Viewfinder’s Advanced Photography Study helps goal-oriented students master a variety of high-end camera skills and shooting strategies, taking them from intermediate shooter to advanced photographer during seven units of study. 

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Student Testimonials

I learned a great deal in just one day and it has fired my enthusiasm to become more than just a hobby photographer. Great fun and very inspiring.
Rod T.
Just completed the 10 day Viewfinder trip to Costa Rica! The trip ran like a Swiss watch, and the opportunities for great photography were mind boggling! Both Matt and Dagmar provide great instruction, and look after you with enthusiasm. Highly recommended!!!
Tim L.
What a great day today!!! You must hear this at the end of each course, but really, it was amazing. I didn't expect to go through so much information and so many things which until now were always so vague and unclear. Now it all makes sense.
Giorgina D.L.
I have attended several of Viewfinder Center's courses over the years and found them excellent. Matt and Dagmar plan them well and they have always met my expectations. The free element they throw in is the group of interesting people that are there.
Raju V.

Latest Photography News & Thoughts (Blog)

Dec. 18, 2019, 10:17 a.m.

Studio Portrait Photography Course in Zurich

In December we celebrated a very successful first offering of our Studio Portrait Photography 1-2-3 course at Viewfinder. Students benefited from a series of three dynamic model shoots, and three informative theory lessons, held at our photography studio in Zurich. Each part of the course built a foundation of lighting knowledge and posing/directing technique. In short, it was a hit!
Studio Portrait Photography Course in Zurich
Jan. 28, 2020, 1:44 p.m.

Model Shooting with Advanced Photography Study

After returning from the holiday break, our Advanced Photography Study group was ready to dive into one of our program's most exciting units — Portraiture & Lighting. Unit 4 is a part of the course which tends to make people nervous, but in the end it always proves to be a favourite course experience.
Model Shooting with Advanced Photography Study
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